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Bill Schultheis’ Coffeehouse Portfolio: Relax And Get On With Your Life Portfolio?

Bill Schultheis is a financial adviser and co-founder of the wealth management firm Soundmark Wealth Management.

Bill Schultheis’ Coffeehouse Portfolio: Relax And Get On With Your Life Portfolio?

What is Bill Schultheis’ Coffeehouse Portfolio?

In his book, The Coffeehouse Investor: How to Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, and Get On with Your Life Bill Schultheis presents his Coffeehouse portfolio. It has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, and His website details the use of the portfolio.

He stresses that to be successful at investing you need to:

  1. Save money
  2. Diversify your investments
  3. Use low-cost index funds.

The portfolio is a variation on the 60/40 portfolio with the stock portion sliced up into smaller allocations.

Asset allocation piechart for Bill Schultheis’ Coffeehouse Portfolio


Returns and risk for Bill Schultheis’ Coffeehouse Portfolio

Portfolio nameAsset class count1 year return (2019)Year to date10 year returnCAGR since 1989DrawdownRisk LevelExpense ratioYield
Bill Schultheis' "Coffeehouse" Portfolio719.27%1.01%8.50%8.69%-20.14%2 - low risk0.07%2.23%
Coffeehouse Three ETF318.62%0.99%7.23%7.76%-25.37%n/a0.15%2.80%



Building the portfolio

Below you can see which mutual funds or ETFs you can use to build the portfolio. They are the best-in-class funds and ETFs for this purpose. They are low-cost index funds that best capture the asset class. Read here how we selected the best funds.

Asset allocation for the Coffeehouse portfolio

  • 10.00%  US Large Cap Value         (VTV)
  • 10.00%  US Large Cap      (VV)
  • 10.00%  US Small Cap Value         (VIOV)
  • 10.00%  US Small Cap      (VIOO)
  • 10.00%  REITs     (VNQ)
  • 10.00%  International All-World ex-US     (VEU)
  • 40.00%  Total US Bond Market    (BND)

Advantages and disadvantages of  the Coffeehouse portfolio


  • Allocates and bets on the value stocks (20%), historically value stocks have outperformed growth stocks.
  • Has 20% allocated to small caps, historically small caps have outperformed large-cap stocks.
  • A “sleep-well” portfolio. It is less risky than the overall market due to its 40% bond allocation.
  • Good diversification within the U.S.
  • Bill Schultheis represents one of the “good guys” investing.


  • Not enough international exposure, only 10%.
  • Rebalancing is expensive due to the many funds you need to set it up.
  • The 40% bond allocation can drag down your returns.


Go here for a rebalance excel worksheet.

The Coffee House Investor

Summary and your next steps

The Coffeehouse portfolio is a variant on the 60/40 portfolio. Bill Schultheis built the portfolio in 1999 realizing that the average investor just wants a good portfolio that he can trust. Money to Bill is a means to an end – it’s not an end in itself.

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