High-Risk Portfolios

This page displays high-risk portfolios available on portfolioeinstein.com.

Some words on risk

Risk comes in many shapes and forms. In academia and in much of the investing industry, risk in investing is measured by standard deviation (a measure of how much the price of an asset bounces around).

Now, a standard deviation is, well – academic. This is because, for you and me, the risk is the pain we go through when we lose money.  That pain is called draw-down. The draw-down of a portfolio is the amount of money the portfolio will lose in a  given year. So, for example, a portfolio with a draw-down of -20% has at some point lost 20% of its value. That’s a good indication of what could happen in the future.

Now, that’s pretty actionable information that we can plan around and relate to.

A rough rule of thumb is that for each 20% of stocks a portfolio has it has a draw-down of -10%. So a 100% stock portfolio has potentially a draw-down of -50%. A 60% stock portfolio has a potential draw-down of -30%.

There are other forms of risk however but the draw-down is what we will focus on when dividing the portfolios into the various risk levels. You should also look at standard deviation as well as the stock to bond ratio.

How the risk levels are determined

We have given the portfolios a risk level from 1-5.

1 is the least risky but also offers the least reward.

5 is the riskiest but offers the most rewards.

The portfolios have been divided into quintiles. The first quintile, the first 20% represent the portfolios that have the lowest draw-downs. The last 20% are the ones with the highest draw-downs.

You can find the other 4 risk portfolios here:

High-Risk Portfolios

Medium-Risk Portfolios

Low-Risk Portfolios

Very Low-Risk Portfolios

This page is displaying the high-risk portfolios. They are suited for long-term savings like retirement and college savings with many years to go before needing the money.

High-risk portfolios

Portfolio NameAsset AllocationNumber of asset classesYTD (incl. December 2019)10 year returnCAGR since 1989StdSharpeDrawdownRisk LevelMarket CorrelationDollar Value
S&P 500 (Benchmark)131.25%12.97%9.84%17.46%0.48-37.71%5 - very high risk0.99$167,045.76
60/40 Portfolio221.93%9.35%8.64%11.00%0.57-20.20%2 - low risk0.98$120,261.40
Three Fund Portfolio (50-30-20)323.65%9.30%7.82%13.95%0.41-30.74%4 - high risk0.96$95,687.88
4 Fund Portfolio420.24%8.14%7.80%10.27%0.51-21.47%3 - medium risk0.96$95,122.94
7Twelve Portfolio1217.15%6.61%7.57%10.32%0.49-23.19%3 - medium risk0.79$89,255.65
David Swensen's Portfolio620.95%8.86%8.55%11.47%0.53-26.20%3 - medium risk0.89$117,264.69
The Permanent Portfolio416.20%5.75%6.60%5.66%0.63-3.23%1 - very low risk0.57$68,075.83
Tony Robbins / Ray Dalio Portfolio518.01%6.23%8.00%7.25%0.75-3.69%1 - very low risk0.6$100,531.42
Merrimans Ultimate Portfolio1023.49%10.33%8.75%18.10%0.4-41.53%5 - very high risk0.83$123,701.16
Meb Faber Ivy 5 Portfolio520.58%6.01%7.05%11.71%0.41-31.56%4 - high risk0.79$77,175.93
Meb Faber Ivy 10 Portfolio918.52%6.25%7.75%13.14%0.43-33.41%4 - high risk0.73$93,889.37
Bill Schultheis Coffeehouse Portfolio719.01%8.48%8.29%10.07%0.56-20.21%2 - low risk0.9$108,918.59
Warren Buffett Portfolio228.48%11.83%9.46%15.72%0.49-32.65%4 - high risk0.99$150,709.29
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 1001223.51%11.68%10.08%18.12%0.47-39.64%5 - very high risk0.87$178,425.61
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 801620.02%9.81%9.27%14.49%0.49-30.64%4 - high risk0.87$143,039.05
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 601616.56%7.85%8.31%10.92%0.53-21.64%3 - medium risk0.87$109,713.66
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 501614.83%6.85%7.78%9.18%0.56-17.14%2 - low risk0.87$94,581.82
The Andrew Tobias Portfolio319.23%7.95%7.24%12.14%0.4-28.09%4 - high risk0.92$81,473.03
The Talmud Portfolio322.88%9.68%9.04%10.79%0.6-24.14%3 - medium risk0.85$133,974.38
Muhammad El-Erian Portfolio820.11%6.66%7.93%13.20%0.44-31.28%4 - high risk0.79$98,575.79
The Marc Faber Portfolio620.64%7.56%7.59%9.22%0.51-16.87%2 - low risk0.64$89,821.58
Ted Aronson Family Taxable Portfolio1119.65%9.14%8.36%13.09%0.46-26.53%3 - medium risk0.89$111,316.36
Allan Roth Second Grader High Risk Portfolio325.83%10.23%8.10%15.60%0.4-34.95%5 - very high risk0.97$103,558.43
Allan Roth Second Grader Medium Risk Portfolio320.17%8.06%7.66%10.66%0.49-21.61%3 - medium risk0.97$91,494.37
Allan Roth Second Grader Low Portfolio314.50%5.76%6.90%6.37%0.67-8.28%1 - very low risk0.87$74,079.11
Allan Roth Second Grader Five-Fund High Risk Portfolio525.70%10.12%8.27%15.12%0.42-35.31%5 - very high risk0.95$108,524.20
Allan Roth Second Grader Five-Fund Medium Risk Portfolio420.10%8.03%7.68%10.39%0.5-21.61%3 - medium risk0.96$92,172.04
Allan Roth Second Grader Five-Fund Low Risk Portfolio414.47%5.74%6.91%6.26%0.68-8.28%1 - very low risk0.86$74,207.04
Allan Roth Second Grader High Risk with CDs Portfolio325.15%9.93%7.80%15.56%0.38-35.24%5 - very high risk0.97$95,291.75
Allan Roth Second Grader Medium Risk with CDs Portfolio317.44%6.86%6.48%10.43%0.38-22.79%3 - medium risk0.97$65,706.27
Allan Roth Second Grader Low Risk with CDs Portfolio39.74%3.66%4.85%5.49%0.38-10.34%1 - very low risk0.94$41,458.74
Frank Armstrong Ideal Index Portfolio718.03%7.48%7.19%11.40%0.41-25.74%3 - medium risk0.9$80,199.22
Scott Adams Dilbert Portfolio225.70%10.62%10.39%22.70%0.43-44.93%5 - very high risk0.8$194,183.00
Scott Burns Couch Potato217.76%8.48%8.29%9.70%0.6-19.94%2 - low risk0.94$109,009.84
Scott Burns Margaritaville319.23%7.95%7.24%12.14%0.4-28.09%4 - high risk0.92$81,473.03
Scott Burns Four Square416.30%6.95%6.99%9.32%0.46-19.60%2 - low risk0.91$75,832.27
Scott Burns Five Fold518.83%8.00%7.72%9.94%0.51-23.09%3 - medium risk0.86$93,030.88
Scott Burns Six Ways from Sunday617.65%7.44%8.26%11.06%0.53-26.39%3 - medium risk0.81$108,065.61
Scott Burns Seven Value Portfolio718.82%8.09%8.49%11.57%0.53-27.78%4 - high risk0.86$115,111.95
Scott Burns Seven Value 2 Portfolio819.50%8.66%8.80%12.12%0.53-28.29%4 - high risk0.86$125,505.84
Scott Burns Nine Emerging Portfolio919.64%8.65%9.15%13.60%0.52-31.02%4 - high risk0.83$138,106.14
Scott Burns 10 Speed Portfolio1019.25%8.34%8.76%13.97%0.48-32.31%4 - high risk0.84$124,155.75
Larry Swedroe Simple Portfolio615.29%8.09%8.27%11.11%0.52-23.85%3 - medium risk0.86$108,435.35
Larry Swedroe, The Larry Portfolio 1712.63%5.83%7.25%6.90%0.64-8.49%1 - very low risk0.81$81,645.53
Larry Swedroe, The Larry Portfolio 2310.47%4.93%7.40%5.60%0.83-3.70%1 - very low risk0.47$85,141.52
Larry Swedroe, Eliminate Fat Tails Portfolio48.92%4.87%6.76%8.24%0.5-13.59%2 - low risk0.68$71,215.30
Larry Swedroe, Big Rocks Portfolio1116.04%7.35%7.77%10.04%0.52-20.68%2 - low risk0.9$94,284.50
William Bernstein No Brainer Portfolio419.82%8.68%7.68%12.90%0.42-27.63%4 - high risk0.95$91,983.79
William Bernstein Cowards Portfolio916.87%7.38%7.88%9.89%0.54-19.93%2 - low risk0.93$97,354.23
William Bernstein Four Pillars High Risk Portfolio1118.82%7.74%7.94%12.71%0.45-28.32%4 - high risk0.88$99,067.16
William Bernstein Four Pillars Medium Portfolio617.71%7.60%7.73%9.67%0.54-19.65%2 - low risk0.96$93,369.08
William Bernstein Four Pillars Low Risk Portfolio416.12%6.58%7.14%8.31%0.55-15.89%2 - low risk0.97$79,194.72
Rob Arnott Portfolio816.33%5.65%7.06%7.30%0.6-14.88%2 - low risk0.71$77,380.64
The Global Market Portfolio, GMP CREDIT SUISSE819.30%7.64%7.97%8.76%0.6-15.83%2 - low risk0.87$99,897.22
The Global Market Portfolio, Financial Engines 20071519.87%8.16%8.04%11.30%0.5-23.12%3 - medium risk0.96$101,637.13
Meb Faber Risk Parity Portfolio715.12%5.28%6.80%6.06%0.67-7.82%1 - very low risk0.6$71,945.61
Robo Advisor Betterment 100625.68%10.45%8.89%17.77%0.42-40.13%5 - very high risk0.92$128,734.87
Robo Advisor Betterment 801022.27%9.20%8.55%14.50%0.45-31.68%4 - high risk0.92$117,253.29
Robo Advisor Betterment 601018.93%7.93%8.08%11.31%0.5-23.25%3 - medium risk0.91$102,835.26
Robo Advisor Betterment 401115.30%6.45%7.39%8.17%0.57-14.52%2 - low risk0.87$84,982.92
Robo Advisor Wealthfront 100724.14%9.52%9.23%18.09%0.43-39.45%5 - very high risk0.8$141,384.10
Robo Advisor Wealthfront 80724.60%9.89%8.93%15.49%0.45-36.03%5 - very high risk0.88$130,253.32
Robo Advisor Wealthfront 60723.42%9.40%8.67%13.43%0.48-31.03%4 - high risk0.9$121,214.80
Robo Advisor Wealthfront 40722.31%8.96%8.40%11.51%0.52-25.94%3 - medium risk0.91$112,287.77
Gibson Five Asset Classes620.36%6.07%7.08%11.92%0.4-32.09%4 - high risk0.79$77,859.18
Harry Markowitz, Father of Modern Portfolio Theory, Portfolio219.75%8.38%8.26%9.46%0.61-15.99%2 - low risk0.97$108,052.29
Rick Ferri Early Saver Moderate Basic Portfolio422.17%8.94%8.08%11.63%0.49-25.82%3 - medium risk0.96$103,026.08
Rick Ferri Early Saver Moderate Multi Asset Portfolio1121.12%9.39%8.90%12.46%0.52-27.23%4 - high risk0.9$128,912.98
Rick Ferri Midlife Moderate Basic Portfolio420.29%8.19%7.86%10.16%0.52-21.40%3 - medium risk0.96$96,757.11
Rick Ferri Midlifer Moderate Multi Asset Portfolio1119.32%8.92%8.63%11.41%0.54-24.53%3 - medium risk0.89$119,738.71
Rick Ferri Transitional Moderate Basic Portfolio518.20%7.31%7.49%8.78%0.55-17.11%2 - low risk0.95$87,324.19
Rick Ferri Transitional Moderate Multi Asset Portfolio1217.62%8.25%8.24%10.00%0.56-20.84%3 - medium risk0.88$107,694.17
Rick Ferri Mature Retired Saver Moderate Basic Portfolio615.50%6.24%7.08%7.15%0.62-12.26%1 - very low risk0.93$77,807.40
Rick Ferri Mature Retired Saver Moderate Multi Asset Portfolio1014.75%6.28%7.30%7.23%0.64-12.61%2 - low risk0.9$82,677.75
Balanced Portfolio 10/90211.02%4.35%6.40%4.97%0.81-2.41%1 - very low risk0.46$64,395.11
Balanced Portfolio 20/80213.20%5.38%6.91%5.63%0.79-3.37%1 - very low risk0.72$74,264.67
Balanced Portfolio 30/70215.39%6.39%7.39%6.70%0.73-7.57%1 - very low risk0.86$84,899.95
Balanced Portfolio 40/60217.57%7.39%7.84%8.01%0.66-11.78%1 - very low risk0.93$96,206.80
Balanced Portfolio 50/50219.75%8.38%8.26%9.46%0.61-15.99%2 - low risk0.97$108,052.29
Balanced Portfolio 70/30224.12%10.31%9.00%12.60%0.54-24.41%3 - medium risk0.99$132,614.65
Balanced Portfolio 80/20226.30%11.26%9.32%14.23%0.51-28.62%4 - high risk1$144,847.01
Balanced Portfolio 90/10228.48%12.20%9.61%15.88%0.49-32.83%4 - high risk1$156,648.41
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 901621.75%10.67%9.60%16.04%0.48-34.32%5 - very high risk0.87$156,382.38
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 701618.29%8.76%8.58%12.47%0.5-25.65%3 - medium risk0.87$118,307.61
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 401613.10%5.76%6.81%7.25%0.55-12.64%2 - low risk0.87$72,087.68
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 301611.37%4.71%6.15%5.61%0.59-8.31%1 - very low risk0.84$59,900.62
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 20169.65%3.65%5.46%4.13%0.64-3.97%1 - very low risk0.77$49,276.08
Index Fund Advisors, Portfolio 10167.89%2.57%4.74%3.04%0.71-0.31%1 - very low risk0.53$40,126.43
Total US Stock Market130.67%13.13%9.85%17.56%0.48-37.07%5 - very high risk1$167,666.29
The Jack Bogle Portfolio221.93%9.35%8.64%11.00%0.57-20.20%2 - low risk0.98$120,261.40
Paul Merriman Best-in-Class ETFs Portfolio (Aggressive)1223.24%10.54%8.96%17.24%0.42-38.78%5 - very high risk0.85$131,206.74
Paul Merriman Best-in-Class ETFs Portfolio (Moderate)1515.99%7.48%8.03%10.21%0.53-20.03%2 - low risk0.85$101,511.15
Paul Merriman Best-in-Class ETFs Portfolio (Conservative)1512.37%5.82%7.34%7.10%0.64-10.65%1 - very low risk0.79$83,794.82
Paul Merriman Target Date Portfolio (25 year old)423.37%11.77%10.66%18.55%0.49-37.29%5 - very high risk0.78$208,879.80
Paul Merriman Target Date Portfolio (35 year old)1123.32%11.73%10.50%18.29%0.49-37.11%5 - very high risk0.79$199,704.11
Paul Merriman Target Date Portfolio (45 year old)1421.98%11.09%10.00%16.58%0.49-34.01%5 - very high risk0.82$174,635.70
Paul Merriman Target Date Portfolio (55 year old)1418.82%9.54%9.10%13.11%0.52-26.44%3 - medium risk0.85$136,442.55
Paul Merriman Target Date Portfolio (65 year old)1414.10%7.13%7.96%8.61%0.61-14.68%2 - low risk0.84$99,510.95
iShares Lifepath Fund715.89%6.56%7.21%7.68%0.59-13.57%2 - low risk0.92$80,698.80
iShares LifePath Index 2060 Fund (25 year old)527.53%10.75%8.39%15.88%0.42-38.86%5 - very high risk0.95$112,270.53
iShares LifePath Index 2050 Fund (35 year old)627.56%10.76%8.40%15.85%0.42-38.79%5 - very high risk0.95$112,567.78
iShares LifePath Index 2040 Fund (45 year old)725.71%10.11%8.29%14.42%0.43-34.54%5 - very high risk0.96$109,036.34
iShares LifePath Index 2030 Fund (55 year old)721.81%8.72%7.93%11.62%0.48-26.20%3 - medium risk0.96$98,750.68
iShares Model Portfolio 100% Stocks226.87%10.28%7.66%17.42%0.35-40.07%5 - very high risk0.94$91,490.15
iShares Model Portfolio 91% Stocks325.08%9.59%7.55%15.91%0.36-36.15%5 - very high risk0.94$88,696.63
iShares Model Portfolio 85% Stocks324.12%9.30%7.60%14.86%0.38-33.34%4 - high risk0.95$89,949.07
iShares Model Portfolio 80% Stocks423.07%8.93%7.49%14.04%0.38-31.14%4 - high risk0.95$87,403.88
iShares Model Portfolio 70% Stocks421.48%8.47%7.54%12.32%0.42-26.42%3 - medium risk0.96$88,449.95
iShares Model Portfolio 65% Stocks420.72%8.27%7.57%11.48%0.45-24.02%3 - medium risk0.96$89,214.11
iShares Model Portfolio 55% Stocks418.03%7.28%7.28%9.25%0.5-17.73%2 - low risk0.96$82,397.36
iShares Model Portfolio 51% Stocks418.78%7.51%7.35%9.88%0.48-19.59%2 - low risk0.96$83,904.16
iShares Model Portfolio 40% Stocks418.03%7.28%7.28%9.25%0.5-17.73%2 - low risk0.96$82,397.36
iShares Model Portfolio 36% Stocks416.30%6.74%7.22%7.62%0.59-12.51%2 - low risk0.94$81,005.57
iShares Model Portfolio 20% Stocks415.59%6.48%7.14%7.07%0.63-10.68%1 - very low risk0.93$79,268.19
iShares Model Portfolio 15% Stocks412.52%5.19%6.64%5.22%0.77-3.58%1 - very low risk0.76$68,797.92
iShares Model Portfolio 10% Stocks311.86%5.00%6.63%4.99%0.83-2.85%1 - very low risk0.65$68,653.33
Ben Stein Portfolio721.43%8.38%8.01%14.13%0.42-32.19%4 - high risk0.92$100,800.42
JL Collins, Simple Path To Wealth, Wealth Building Portfolio130.67%13.13%9.85%17.56%0.48-37.07%5 - very high risk1$167,666.29
JL Collins, Simple Path To Wealth, Wealth Preservation Portfolio225.21%10.79%9.16%13.41%0.53-26.52%3 - medium risk1$138,764.28
Paul Merriman FundAdvice Ultimate Buy and Hold1316.14%7.37%7.95%10.70%0.5-21.68%3 - medium risk0.83$99,272.22
Fidelity Freedom Index 2030 (55 year old)622.94%9.10%7.99%12.93%0.45-28.24%4 - high risk0.98$100,246.61
Fidelity Freedom Index 2040 (45 year old)525.89%10.22%8.20%15.43%0.41-34.85%5 - very high risk0.97$106,498.52
Fidelity Freedom Index 2050 (35 year old)525.89%10.22%8.20%15.43%0.41-34.85%5 - very high risk0.97$106,498.52
Fidelity Freedom Index 2060 (25 year old and younger)525.89%10.22%8.20%15.43%0.41-34.85%5 - very high risk0.97$106,498.52
TD Ameritrade Core Portfolio Conservative513.35%5.33%6.68%5.72%0.7-6.09%1 - very low risk0.82$69,550.36
TD Ameritrade Core Portfolio Moderate516.12%6.44%7.07%7.61%0.58-12.84%2 - low risk0.93$77,553.64
TD Ameritrade Core Portfolio Moderate Growth517.96%7.15%7.28%9.09%0.51-17.34%2 - low risk0.96$82,438.53
TD Ameritrade Core Portfolio Growth521.63%8.55%7.62%12.29%0.43-26.33%3 - medium risk0.96$90,521.11
TD Ameritrade Core Portfolio Aggressive524.48%9.62%7.83%14.79%0.4-33.00%4 - high risk0.96$95,918.48
Morningstar Conservative Retirement Saver Portfolio718.11%7.65%7.91%9.53%0.56-18.49%2 - low risk0.95$98,077.76
Morningstar Moderate Retirement Saver Portfolio523.70%9.67%8.49%13.85%0.46-29.87%4 - high risk0.97$115,229.73
Morningstar Aggressive Retirement Saver Portfolio526.04%10.36%8.39%16.27%0.41-36.51%5 - very high risk0.96$112,197.13
Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 (55 year old)421.60%8.56%7.59%12.34%0.43-26.42%3 - medium risk0.96$89,870.99
Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 (45 year old)424.37%9.54%7.76%14.83%0.39-33.14%4 - high risk0.96$94,018.21
Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 (35 year old)425.26%9.85%7.78%15.65%0.38-35.31%5 - very high risk0.96$94,771.32
Vanguard Target Retirement 2060 (25 year old)425.26%9.84%7.78%15.67%0.38-35.36%5 - very high risk0.95$94,566.58
Merrill Lynch Edge Select Portfolio, Conservative1211.19%5.89%6.82%6.23%0.64-10.80%1 - very low risk0.83$72,420.35
Merrill Lynch Edge Select Portfolio, Moderately Conservative1216.57%8.34%8.27%9.46%0.59-19.74%2 - low risk0.9$108,323.20
Merrill Lynch Edge Select Portfolio, Moderately1219.64%9.15%8.59%11.48%0.54-25.30%3 - medium risk0.94$118,343.20
Merrill Lynch Edge Select Portfolio, Moderately Aggressive1222.53%9.84%8.78%13.60%0.49-30.53%4 - high risk0.95$124,804.39
Merrill Lynch Edge Select Portfolio, Aggressive1224.88%10.34%8.88%15.58%0.45-34.96%5 - very high risk0.95$128,238.64
David Booth (DFA) Fixed Income Portfolio46.85%1.80%4.38%3.28%0.56-1.53%1 - very low risk-0.07$36,177.71
David Booth (DFA) Conservative Portfolio1510.40%3.87%5.71%4.06%0.73-2.85%1 - very low risk0.73$52,906.86
David Booth (DFA) Moderate Portfolio1513.94%5.87%6.92%6.91%0.6-12.06%1 - very low risk0.88$74,434.21
David Booth (DFA) Normal Portfolio1517.49%7.80%8.00%10.24%0.53-21.28%3 - medium risk0.9$100,732.35
David Booth (DFA) Aggressive Portfolio1521.03%9.66%8.95%13.69%0.49-30.49%4 - high risk0.9$130,969.26
David Booth (DFA) Equity Portfolio1124.58%11.46%9.75%17.19%0.47-39.70%5 - very high risk0.9$163,155.23
Rick Ferri's Core 4 fund Portfolio (80/20)424.04%9.64%8.20%13.36%0.45-30.32%4 - high risk0.97$106,362.82
Rick Ferri's Core 4 fund Portfolio (40/60))416.44%6.58%7.27%7.44%0.62-12.63%2 - low risk0.92$82,091.39
Rick Ferri's Core 4 fund Portfolio (20/80)412.64%4.98%6.62%5.30%0.76-3.79%1 - very low risk0.7$68,507.11
Vanguard LifeStrategy Income Fund (20/80)412.27%5.00%6.49%5.13%0.74-3.80%1 - very low risk0.76$66,028.60
Vanguard LifeStrategy Conservative Growth (40/60)416.00%6.47%7.03%7.61%0.57-12.87%2 - low risk0.93$76,708.39
Vanguard LifeStrategy Moderate Growth (60/40)419.73%7.88%7.44%10.71%0.46-21.92%3 - medium risk0.96$86,020.81
Vanguard LifeStrategy Growth Fund (80/20)423.42%9.21%7.71%13.98%0.4-30.84%4 - high risk0.96$92,791.68
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam Portfolio1216.79%7.57%7.99%9.96%0.55-21.69%3 - medium risk0.91$100,223.07
Tim Maurer Simple Money Portfolio715.85%7.38%7.62%10.17%0.49-19.40%2 - low risk0.88$90,621.29
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 1059.49%3.95%6.13%4.86%0.76-2.36%1 - very low risk0.43$59,589.77
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 20412.01%4.99%6.61%5.52%0.73-5.20%1 - very low risk0.69$68,300.70
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 30413.87%5.84%6.94%6.49%0.66-9.54%1 - very low risk0.85$74,858.76
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 40415.93%6.63%7.23%7.71%0.59-13.64%2 - low risk0.92$81,209.95
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 50417.95%7.44%7.53%9.19%0.54-18.00%2 - low risk0.95$88,292.57
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 60420.06%8.21%7.76%10.70%0.5-22.03%3 - medium risk0.97$94,224.73
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 70422.14%8.96%7.96%12.28%0.46-26.13%3 - medium risk0.98$99,620.29
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 80324.18%9.70%8.13%13.91%0.43-30.31%4 - high risk0.98$104,308.51
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 90326.10%10.43%8.26%15.58%0.41-34.74%5 - very high risk0.98$108,136.02
T. Rowe Price ActivePlus Portfolio, Model 100228.01%11.15%8.35%17.26%0.39-39.16%5 - very high risk0.97$110,873.71
Schwab Target Date Fund 2030 (55 year old)821.36%8.60%8.03%11.84%0.48-25.67%3 - medium risk0.96$101,528.93
Schwab Target Date Fund 2040 (45 year old)824.11%9.71%8.41%14.38%0.45-32.53%4 - high risk0.96$112,877.40
Schwab Target Date Fund 2050 (35 year old)825.47%10.25%8.57%15.73%0.43-36.12%5 - very high risk0.95$117,912.78
Schwab Target Date Fund 2060 (25 year old)726.32%10.59%8.67%16.54%0.42-38.22%5 - very high risk0.95$121,276.86
Schwab Managed Portfolio, Conservative Income67.74%3.51%5.53%4.21%0.68-2.02%1 - very low risk0.33$50,300.56
Schwab Managed Portfolio, Income With Growth1011.68%4.80%6.16%5.29%0.64-8.31%1 - very low risk0.81$60,096.35
Schwab Managed Portfolio, Balanced1115.25%5.70%6.83%8.07%0.52-17.24%2 - low risk0.89$72,502.11
Schwab Managed Portfolio, Balanced With Growth1118.90%7.03%7.42%10.86%0.46-25.07%3 - medium risk0.92$85,575.51
Schwab Managed Portfolio, Growth921.81%8.08%7.71%13.63%0.41-32.44%4 - high risk0.92$92,913.64
Schwab Managed Portfolio, Aggressive Growth724.16%9.24%7.98%16.11%0.39-38.11%5 - very high risk0.92$100,053.89
Time.Inc Money Portfolio 1, Simple and Cheap519.90%8.02%7.70%10.07%0.51-21.56%3 - medium risk0.94$92,573.39
Time.Inc Money Portfolio 2, Tilt Toward Value719.78%8.26%7.98%9.94%0.54-20.91%3 - medium risk0.94$100,083.92
Gibson Four Asset Classes422.26%6.26%6.96%14.40%0.35-40.45%5 - very high risk0.76$75,282.02
Alpha Architect Robust820.10%8.86%9.70%12.32%0.61-29.92%4 - high risk0.91$160,622.37
Meb Faber GTAA Conservative1117.84%6.10%8.10%9.83%0.58-21.92%3 - medium risk0.73$103,537.79
Meb Faber GTAA Moderate1120.00%6.57%8.35%12.71%0.49-32.09%4 - high risk0.74$110,802.81
Meb Faber GAA1018.97%6.80%7.56%8.31%0.59-15.98%2 - low risk0.84$88,903.62
All Seasons Portfolio817.10%5.70%7.77%7.20%0.72-4.20%1 - very low risk0.58$94,312.86
TrevH423.21%10.19%7.98%17.54%0.36-40.84%5 - very high risk0.87$100,109.95
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Aggressive, 20601824.56%9.90%8.69%16.98%0.42-39.58%5 - very high risk0.91$121,837.52
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Aggressive, 20501824.81%10.07%8.74%16.84%0.42-39.34%5 - very high risk0.92$123,631.03
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Aggressive, 20401824.89%10.17%8.79%16.54%0.43-38.68%5 - very high risk0.93$125,053.25
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Aggressive, 20301823.31%9.58%8.64%14.61%0.46-33.69%4 - high risk0.94$120,145.92
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Aggressive, Income1816.19%6.95%7.62%8.60%0.58-17.81%2 - low risk0.91$90,425.62
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Moderate, 20601824.02%9.70%8.67%16.24%0.43-37.69%5 - very high risk0.92$121,094.82
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Moderate, 20501824.16%9.82%8.70%16.03%0.43-37.23%5 - very high risk0.93$122,307.82
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Moderate, 20401823.48%9.59%8.65%14.99%0.45-34.58%5 - very high risk0.94$120,477.91
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Moderate, 20301820.33%8.34%8.24%11.76%0.5-26.08%3 - medium risk0.94$107,427.03
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Moderate, Income1813.78%5.96%7.16%7.05%0.64-13.00%2 - low risk0.85$79,623.70
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Conservative, 20601823.01%9.37%8.60%14.93%0.45-33.85%4 - high risk0.92$118,850.00
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Conservative, 20501822.72%9.27%8.57%14.32%0.46-32.36%4 - high risk0.93$117,838.75
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Conservative, 20401820.45%8.35%8.25%11.85%0.5-25.86%3 - medium risk0.94$107,858.87
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Conservative, 20301816.53%6.78%7.59%8.44%0.59-16.47%2 - low risk0.91$89,725.31
Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index Conservative, Income1811.09%4.85%6.60%5.69%0.7-7.65%1 - very low risk0.68$68,098.57
Burton Malkiel Portfolio, Mid-Twenties824.66%9.76%9.01%15.47%0.46-34.95%5 - very high risk0.9$133,157.53
Burton Malkiel Portfolio, Late Thirties to Early Forties824.56%9.71%9.06%14.88%0.48-33.66%4 - high risk0.91$134,960.30
Burton Malkiel Portfolio, Mid-Fifties824.16%9.53%9.06%13.70%0.51-31.13%4 - high risk0.91$135,001.91
Burton Malkiel Portfolio, Late Sixties and Beyond822.77%8.98%8.83%11.71%0.55-26.55%4 - high risk0.91$126,498.47
Dimensional 2030 Target Date Retirement Income Fund818.59%7.39%7.35%10.37%0.47-23.00%3 - medium risk0.93$83,928.30
Dimensional 2040 Target Date Retirement Income Fund725.75%9.12%7.69%14.62%0.39-32.72%4 - high risk0.96$92,411.83
Dimensional 2050 Target Date Retirement Income Fund727.10%10.30%8.33%16.76%0.4-37.84%5 - very high risk0.96$110,277.76
Dimensional 2060 Target Date Retirement Income Fund727.10%10.30%8.33%16.76%0.4-37.84%5 - very high risk0.96$110,277.76
Dimensional Retirement Income Fund79.54%4.28%5.50%5.00%0.52-8.22%1 - very low risk0.7$49,881.16
Paul Merriman 2-Fund-Value-Portfolio225.05%12.16%10.15%16.81%0.5-36.32%5 - very high risk0.87$181,628.39
Paul Merriman 4-Fund-Portfolio426.01%12.71%10.13%16.90%0.5-35.35%5 - very high risk0.94$180,685.17
Paul Merriman 5-Fund-Value-Portfolio522.10%10.15%9.42%18.41%0.43-40.36%5 - very high risk0.82$148,767.07
7-Twelve Portfolio Age Based 50-60 by Craig Israelsen1214.12%5.40%6.73%8.32%0.49-18.12%2 - low risk0.79$70,557.65
7-Twelve Portfolio Age Based 60-70 by Craig Israelsen1211.10%4.18%5.85%6.37%0.49-13.07%2 - low risk0.78$55,058.12
7-Twelve Portfolio Age Based 70 Plus by Craig Israelsen128.08%2.92%4.93%4.53%0.49-8.02%1 - very low risk0.74$42,365.62
Dan Solin SuperSmart Portfolio, Low Risk87.77%3.30%5.84%4.47%0.77-2.57%1 - very low risk0.64$54,852.25
Dan Solin SuperSmart Portfolio, Medium-Low Risk812.02%5.44%7.05%7.07%0.62-11.82%1 - very low risk0.84$77,140.41
Dan Solin SuperSmart Portfolio, Medium816.27%7.50%8.13%10.29%0.54-21.06%3 - medium risk0.88$104,316.36
Dan Solin SuperSmart Portfolio, Medium-High Risk820.51%9.50%9.08%13.70%0.5-30.31%4 - high risk0.88$135,465.72
Dan Solin SuperSmart Portfolio, High Risk724.76%11.42%9.87%17.19%0.48-39.56%5 - very high risk0.88$168,455.69
Dan Solin The Smartest ETF Portfolio, Low Risk28.18%2.90%5.24%4.20%0.66-3.03%1 - very low risk0.73$46,268.08
Dan Solin The Smartest ETF Portfolio, Medium-Low Risk212.84%4.64%5.84%6.93%0.45-12.74%2 - low risk0.91$54,819.79
Dan Solin The Smartest ETF Portfolio, Medium Risk217.49%6.31%6.29%10.34%0.36-22.46%3 - medium risk0.91$62,282.75
Dan Solin The Smartest ETF Portfolio, Medium-High Risk222.15%7.92%6.58%13.94%0.32-32.17%4 - high risk0.91$67,641.97
Dan Solin The Smartest ETF Portfolio, High Risk126.80%9.47%6.69%17.61%0.3-41.88%5 - very high risk0.9$69,869.99
Dan Solin The Smartest Index Portfolio, Low Risk312.67%5.00%6.62%5.38%0.76-3.79%1 - very low risk0.73$68,435.86
Dan Solin The Smartest Index Portfolio, Medium-Low Risk316.51%6.63%7.25%7.68%0.6-12.63%2 - low risk0.93$81,715.18
Dan Solin The Smartest Index Portfolio, Medium Risk320.34%8.19%7.76%10.67%0.5-21.47%3 - medium risk0.97$94,109.79
Dan Solin The Smartest Index Portfolio, Medium-High Risk324.18%9.70%8.13%13.91%0.43-30.31%4 - high risk0.98$104,308.51
Dan Solin The Smartest Index Portfolio, High Risk228.01%11.15%8.35%17.26%0.39-39.16%5 - very high risk0.97$110,873.71
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2030622.04%8.97%8.30%12.35%0.49-25.56%3 - medium risk0.97$109,386.11
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2040425.26%10.21%8.65%15.05%0.45-32.62%4 - high risk0.97$120,538.59
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2050426.56%10.71%8.77%16.18%0.43-35.57%5 - very high risk0.97$124,411.43
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle 2060427.02%10.88%8.81%16.60%0.43-36.65%5 - very high risk0.97$125,752.82
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index Retirement Income615.64%6.50%7.35%7.81%0.61-13.33%2 - low risk0.92$83,980.01
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 100% Stocks426.80%11.43%8.76%16.30%0.43-37.92%5 - very high risk0.95$124,146.79
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 90/10525.00%10.67%8.61%14.72%0.45-33.62%4 - high risk0.95$119,095.91
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 80/20523.20%9.91%8.42%13.16%0.47-29.32%4 - high risk0.95$113,156.60
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 70/30521.41%9.13%8.21%11.62%0.5-25.03%3 - medium risk0.95$106,534.84
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 60/40519.61%8.34%7.96%10.12%0.53-20.73%2 - low risk0.95$99,425.41
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 50/50517.82%7.53%7.68%8.69%0.57-16.43%2 - low risk0.93$92,008.47
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 40/60516.02%6.72%7.37%7.35%0.63-12.13%1 - very low risk0.9$84,447.13
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 30/70514.23%5.89%7.04%6.18%0.7-7.84%1 - very low risk0.83$76,885.81
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 20/80512.43%5.04%6.67%5.28%0.77-3.54%1 - very low risk0.69$69,449.30
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 10/90510.63%4.19%6.28%4.80%0.8-2.17%1 - very low risk0.44$62,242.48
William Bernstein Taxable Ted 100% Bonds18.84%3.31%5.87%4.87%0.72-2.66%1 - very low risk0.12$55,350.68
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 100% Stocks1025.28%10.97%9.34%16.15%0.47-38.06%5 - very high risk0.92$145,530.74
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 90/101223.37%10.27%9.06%14.71%0.48-34.65%5 - very high risk0.92$134,750.55
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 80/201221.45%9.56%8.75%13.28%0.49-31.25%4 - high risk0.92$123,801.51
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 70/301219.54%8.84%8.41%11.88%0.51-27.84%4 - high risk0.91$112,887.14
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 60/401217.63%8.10%8.06%10.51%0.53-24.43%3 - medium risk0.9$102,180.70
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 50/501215.72%7.36%7.67%9.19%0.55-21.02%3 - medium risk0.89$91,825.66
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 40/601213.80%6.60%7.26%7.94%0.58-17.62%2 - low risk0.86$81,936.79
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 30/701211.89%5.83%6.83%6.80%0.6-14.21%2 - low risk0.8$72,601.99
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 20/80129.98%5.05%6.38%5.84%0.63-10.80%1 - very low risk0.69$63,884.40
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 10/90128.07%4.26%5.90%5.16%0.63-7.39%1 - very low risk0.52$55,824.90
William Bernstein Sheltered Sam 100% Bonds26.16%3.46%5.40%4.88%0.57-3.99%1 - very low risk0.26$48,444.77
William Bernstein Young Yvonne Portfolio1118.70%8.06%8.29%10.13%0.57-20.82%2 - low risk0.91$109,029.07
William Bernstein Charlie Cringe Portfolio416.20%6.55%7.11%8.26%0.55-15.61%2 - low risk0.97$78,560.57
William Bernstein Wendy Wonk Portfolio1118.82%7.74%7.94%12.71%0.45-28.32%4 - high risk0.88$99,067.16
William Bernstein Between Charlie and Wendy Portfolio617.79%7.57%7.70%9.62%0.53-19.37%2 - low risk0.96$92,643.31
Goldman Sachs Target Date 2055 Portfolio1025.05%10.09%8.48%15.36%0.43-35.20%5 - very high risk0.94$114,954.25
Goldman Sachs Target Date 2045 Portfolio1224.44%9.88%8.46%14.58%0.44-33.25%4 - high risk0.94$114,466.39
Goldman Sachs Target Date 2035 Portfolio1221.74%8.72%8.07%11.69%0.49-26.10%3 - medium risk0.94$102,602.09
Goldman Sachs Target Date 2025 Portfolio1318.94%7.68%7.62%9.18%0.54-19.22%2 - low risk0.91$90,512.98
Robo Advisor Betterment 901123.95%9.81%8.73%16.15%0.43-35.97%5 - very high risk0.92$123,249.30
Robo Advisor Betterment 701020.58%8.54%8.34%12.90%0.47-27.45%4 - high risk0.92$110,497.55
Robo Advisor Betterment 501017.29%7.23%7.81%9.79%0.53-19.01%2 - low risk0.89$95,337.73
Robo Advisor Betterment 301212.53%5.22%6.76%6.51%0.62-9.88%1 - very low risk0.83$71,114.48
Robo Advisor Betterment 20129.76%4.02%6.08%5.00%0.69-5.10%1 - very low risk0.74$58,695.62
Robo Advisor Betterment 10126.98%2.79%5.36%3.97%0.78-0.82%1 - very low risk0.49$47,911.68
Robo Advisor Betterment 024.22%1.56%4.62%3.80%0.67-0.48%1 - very low risk0.05$38,762.57
Rick Ferri Total Economy Core-4 Portfolio Low-Risk412.38%4.86%6.54%5.16%0.75-3.84%1 - very low risk0.68$66,817.92
Rick Ferri Total Economy Core-4 Portfolio Conservative415.92%6.34%7.09%7.21%0.6-12.74%2 - low risk0.88$78,153.53
Rick Ferri Total Economy Core-4 Portfolio Moderate419.46%7.76%7.54%9.99%0.49-21.64%3 - medium risk0.92$88,454.32
Rick Ferri Total Economy Core-4 Portfolio Agressive423.00%9.12%7.86%13.04%0.43-30.53%4 - high risk0.92$96,658.59
Rick Ferri Global Markets Core-4 Low-Risk412.53%5.09%6.58%5.18%0.76-3.52%1 - very low risk0.76$67,630.48
Rick Ferri Global Markets Core-4 Conservative416.46%6.68%7.20%7.57%0.6-12.22%1 - very low risk0.95$80,453.23
Rick Ferri Global Markets Core-4 Moderate420.39%8.20%7.69%10.57%0.49-20.92%3 - medium risk0.98$92,424.63
Rick Ferri Global Markets Core-4 Aggressive424.32%9.67%8.06%13.79%0.43-29.62%4 - high risk0.98$102,325.27
Rick Ferri Inflation Fighter Core-4 Portfolio Low-Risk414.29%6.04%6.78%6.83%0.58-12.21%1 - very low risk0.65$71,544.28
Rick Ferri Inflation Fighter Core-4 Portfolio Conservative417.47%7.06%7.05%8.53%0.51-19.51%2 - low risk0.84$77,177.34
Rick Ferri Inflation Fighter Core-4 Portfolio Moderate420.65%8.02%7.20%10.99%0.43-26.80%4 - high risk0.9$80,618.53
Rick Ferri Inflation Fighter Core-4 Portfolio Aggressive423.83%8.93%7.24%13.81%0.37-34.10%5 - very high risk0.9$81,381.81
Rick Ferri Income Seeker Core-4 Portfolio Low-Risk417.57%7.45%7.39%7.70%0.6-13.38%2 - low risk0.72$84,908.24
Rick Ferri Income Seeker Core-4 Portfolio Conservative417.39%8.19%7.74%9.14%0.56-19.01%2 - low risk0.84$93,487.81
Rick Ferri Income Seeker Core-4 Portfolio Moderate417.11%8.90%8.01%11.00%0.51-24.65%3 - medium risk0.9$100,971.27
Rick Ferri Income Seeker Core-4 Portfolio Aggressive416.66%9.57%8.22%13.12%0.46-30.29%4 - high risk0.92$106,905.31
Rick Ferri Socially Conscious ESG Core-4 Portfolio Low-Risk415.08%5.93%7.10%6.02%0.73-5.13%1 - very low risk0.68$78,239.90
Rick Ferri Socially Conscious ESG Core-4 Portfolio Conservative418.37%7.31%7.59%7.98%0.61-13.43%2 - low risk0.91$89,764.19
Rick Ferri Socially Conscious ESG Core-4 Portfolio Moderate421.66%8.62%7.96%10.75%0.51-21.73%3 - medium risk0.97$99,441.33
Rick Ferri Socially Conscious ESG Core-4 Portfolio Aggressive423.97%8.84%7.29%13.56%0.38-32.48%4 - high risk0.91$82,540.47
3 Fund Portfolio 80/20324.37%9.65%8.07%13.78%0.43-29.65%4 - high risk0.98$102,585.66
3 Fund Portfolio 60/40320.49%8.15%7.71%10.57%0.5-20.97%3 - medium risk0.98$92,841.07
3 Fund Portfolio 40/60316.60%6.60%7.22%7.61%0.6-12.30%2 - low risk0.94$80,927.86
3 Fund Portfolio 20/80312.72%4.99%6.60%5.35%0.76-3.62%1 - very low risk0.73$68,085.89
3 Fund Portfolio Equal Weight320.81%7.81%7.16%11.67%0.41-24.56%3 - medium risk0.95$79,501.32
Meb Faber IVY 20 portfolio1618.89%6.73%8.05%13.85%0.44-34.34%5 - very high risk0.76$102,050.67
Paul Merriman Ultimate Buy & Hold Strategy 20101218.82%8.10%8.33%11.39%0.51-23.69%3 - medium risk0.83$110,415.22
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 10910.41%4.19%6.43%4.87%0.82-2.08%1 - very low risk0.41$64,789.37
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 20911.98%5.04%6.95%5.42%0.81-3.78%1 - very low risk0.65$75,167.30
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 30913.56%5.88%7.46%6.41%0.75-8.19%1 - very low risk0.78$86,462.60
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 40915.13%6.70%7.93%7.67%0.68-12.60%2 - low risk0.84$98,595.21
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 50916.70%7.51%8.37%9.09%0.63-17.02%2 - low risk0.87$111,450.48
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 60918.28%8.30%8.78%10.60%0.59-21.43%3 - medium risk0.88$124,868.36
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 70919.85%9.07%9.16%12.17%0.56-25.85%3 - medium risk0.89$138,638.78
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 80921.42%9.82%9.51%13.78%0.53-30.26%4 - high risk0.89$152,497.82
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 90922.99%10.56%9.82%15.41%0.51-34.67%5 - very high risk0.88$166,124.77
FPL Capital Management Portfolio 100924.57%11.28%10.10%17.07%0.49-39.09%5 - very high risk0.88$179,140.61
Fundamentum Enhanced Index Focus Moderate521.06%8.82%8.19%10.92%0.53-21.63%3 - medium risk0.99$106,053.17
Fundamentum Enhanced Index Focus Growth623.66%8.78%7.00%14.63%0.34-34.52%5 - very high risk0.92$76,028.26
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 5119.90%4.27%6.50%4.71%0.78-1.97%1 - very low risk0.56$66,179.15
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 61211.54%5.27%7.14%6.05%0.7-6.82%1 - very low risk0.69$79,176.23
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 71413.47%6.24%7.66%7.71%0.63-12.11%1 - very low risk0.76$91,521.64
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 81415.24%7.15%8.09%9.73%0.56-17.83%2 - low risk0.78$103,199.04
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 91416.72%8.02%8.52%11.81%0.51-23.05%3 - medium risk0.77$116,331.42
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 101218.40%8.81%8.81%13.92%0.47-28.59%4 - high risk0.76$126,033.03
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 111219.92%9.81%9.50%16.13%0.47-33.43%4 - high risk0.76$152,226.40
Assetbuilder.com Portfolio 121121.54%10.79%10.17%18.51%0.47-38.45%5 - very high risk0.75$182,798.84
Alexander Green Gone Fishin' Portfolio1019.65%8.67%8.23%14.03%0.43-30.72%4 - high risk0.84$107,304.68
Robo Advisor Wealthsimple Portfolio Conservative714.51%5.68%7.33%6.38%0.75-6.18%1 - very low risk0.76$83,471.98
Robo Advisor Wealthsimple Portfolio Balanced921.59%8.39%8.30%11.58%0.52-24.58%3 - medium risk0.95$109,381.53
Robo Advisor Wealthsimple Portfolio Growth925.62%9.66%8.68%16.19%0.43-36.24%5 - very high risk0.96$121,340.42
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 90% stocks925.64%10.10%8.26%15.96%0.41-35.86%5 - very high risk0.95$108,040.45
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 80% stocks924.00%9.61%8.20%14.36%0.43-32.22%4 - high risk0.95$106,400.63
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 70% stocks922.27%9.05%8.09%12.73%0.46-28.37%4 - high risk0.95$103,035.68
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 60% stocks920.61%8.52%7.95%11.23%0.49-24.77%3 - medium risk0.94$99,111.63
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 50% stocks918.83%7.93%7.75%9.75%0.53-20.92%3 - medium risk0.92$93,863.28
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 40% stocks917.07%7.30%7.53%8.41%0.57-16.94%2 - low risk0.89$88,247.02
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 30% stocks915.29%6.58%7.25%7.19%0.62-12.93%2 - low risk0.82$81,568.12
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 20% stocks913.22%5.73%6.84%6.05%0.67-8.80%1 - very low risk0.69$72,861.34
Robo Advisor WiseBanyan 13% stocks910.63%4.55%6.24%5.01%0.72-4.70%1 - very low risk0.54$61,449.77

Disclaimer: There are many factors that go into choosing your right portfolio, though not as many as you would think. Therefore, the information here presented are not specific recommendations but instead for information purposes only.

Now it’s your turn!

Which portfolio are you leaning towards and why?

Why do you think a high-risk portfolio is right for you?

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