Here Is How Portfolio Einstein Helps You

  • Get higher returns in 401k
  • Get higher returns in your ROTH IRA
  • Optimize your college savings account
  • Get your your house purchase on track
  • Bring down expenses in your family office 

Just Added 291 New Portfolios + A Ton Of Other Goodies


Just Added 291 New Portfolios + A Ton Of Other Goodies

Portfolio Einstein just finished a somewhat large upgrade.

291 portfolios have been added. You can see them all from the overview page Investment Portfolios.

Portfolio Einstein is now tracking 623 portfolios.

It is by far the largest collection of investment portfolios anywhere.

The frontend has also gotten a little touch-up.

I won’t bore you with all the backend optimizations that have been implemented. Instead here is a list of things that have been improved that you can use (hopefully)


  • Added 291 more portfolios. Descriptions and asset allocations are on their way.
  • Portfolios include expert portfolios, wealth manager portfolios, RIA’s portfolios, model portfolios from books, tons of robo advisors. etc. Here are some examples:
    • The missing William Bernstein’s Coward portfolios.
    • Updated robo advisor Betterment portfolios.
    • Added a lot of Canadian portfolios with their U.S counterparts (spoiler: Canadian have a huge home country bias).
    • Added Charles Ellis portfolios.
    • Added robo advisors SigFig, Ellevest, Morgan Stanley, J.P Morgan, SoFi, Merill, Ellevest and more!
    • Added Dimensional Fund Adviros model portfolios.
    • Added some more Larry Swedroe portfolios.
    • Added Jonathan Clement’s portfolio (yay!).


  • Added expense ratios for all portfolios. Finding the cheapest portfolio couldn’t be easier now! All calculations are based on the Best In Class ETF on this page What Is The Best ETF And Mutual Fund? This was updated as well (see below).
  • Added dividends for all portfolios (and asset classes). This will make it very easy to narrow down good income portfolios.
  • Added YTD column in the overview which will update each month. Data is based on ETF from What Is The Best ETF And Mutual Fund.


  • Add many new asset class time-series fx:
    • Emerging Market Bonds.
    • International REITs.
    • Preferred stock.
    • Global REITs.
    • Canadian stocks.
    • Canadian bonds.
  • Cleaned up and improved a lot of time-series data to improve fidelity fx:
    • One-Year Fixed-Income.
    • Two-Year Global Fixed-Income.
    • Five-Year Global Fixed-Income.
    • Emerging Market value.

Also updated

  • Updated sources page to reflect the changes to our time-series. 
  • A ton of asset allocation for various portfolios has been re-visited to allocated to the right time-series now that we have more and better data. Fx, emerging bonds time-series have been added which enables a better benchmarking of many robo advisors as many robo-advisors include emerging bonds in their lineup.
  • Updated the Best In Class ETF and Mutual fund page. It now includes dividend for each ETF and fund where applicable. It also includes the expense ratio for each fund.

What’s coming next

Due to the severe tragic circumstances, my family suffered last year I’m reorienting my life and giving more time to my interests.

I have a lot of things planned for Portfolio Einstein. 300 more portfolios have been lined-up. I also want a selection filter and a whole bunch of other things.

If you are missing something or have feedback let me know in the comments. I don’t bite (not anymore at least)

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