Here Is How Portfolio Einstein Helps You

  • Get higher returns in 401k
  • Get higher returns in your ROTH IRA
  • Optimize your college savings account
  • Get your your house purchase on track
  • Bring down expenses in your family office 

Portfolio Einstein Gold Now Available

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Today Portfolio Einstein launched Portfolio Einstein Gold, Premium Portfolios. The 59 best performing portfolios since 1989. It is a mix of high, low, and a few medium risk portfolios.

This marks a fundamental change to how is set up.

The background for Portfolio Einstein Gold is that I want to continue building For that to happen, I either need more hours in the day or find a way to get paid for the work I put into The first is not possible, so while I would love to provide all this information for free, it is not sustainable.

Last year in October, my greatest joy in life died. He was 2-years old. He was called Felix. He was my son. Right now, I just want to help others improve their lives.

Felix and me (the guy behind

The best way of doing that is helping people to invest because I have an outsized mountain of knowledge pertaining to investing. But I also need to help care for the rest of my family. Felix had an older brother.

This is not meant to garner sympathy but to simply explain the reasons for the change to

Stay safe,


Portfolio Einstein Gold, Premium Portfolios Now Available

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